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Adj.1.R.C. - of or relating to or supporting Romanism; "the Roman Catholic Church"
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At the heart of it all stands the young, well-built, Raunold Choquet or R.
Sports offered: Basketball, football, wood-bat baseball/T-ball, softballSylmar R.
Buffett, apparently pleased with what he saw, promptly announced that a second R.
Hadar is also impressed with the team of experts R.
iPay Technologies, the leading independent provider of online bill pay solutions for community financial institutions, recently announced a new partnership with R.
Still, Las Vegas has never seen any home retailing like R.
Listed below is a summary of the results received by the Company on the recent 1996 R.
We were looking to offer our clients an option for online fraud detection and prevention that would remain seamless yet offer the highest level of protection against online fraud," said Denny Gillott, Vice President of Sales, R.
The Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday convicted the accused, R.
Iced tea is currently enjoying a renaissance, accounting for more than 80 percent of all tea consumed in this country," says David Bigelow, co-president of R.