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(Chemistry) chem a colourless gaseous hydrocarbon that is an isomer of butane and which is used as a fuel and a refrigerant. Formula: (CH3)3CH


(ˌaɪ səˈbyu teɪn, -byuˈteɪn)

a colorless, flammable gas, C4H10, used as a fuel, a refrigerant, and in the manufacture of gasoline by alkylation.
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The latest range of refrigerators are enriched with European quality compressors and the most reliable R600a.
The latest range of refrigerators is enriched with European quality compressors and the most reliable R600a.
y otros: 1D heat Exchanger Simulation to Capture the Cycling Transients of Domestic Refrigeration Appliances Working with R600a, International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference, Estados Unidos de America, 2012.
When compared to the HFC refrigerant R134a, the mixture of HC refrigerants R600a, R1270 and R290 in all of the selected proportions have much higher refrigeration effect.
2014) also study the dynamics of refrigerant dispersion; however, the exclusive focus of the work discussed in these papers is the possibility of combustion for a variety of relevant working fluids, such as ammonia, R600a, R1234yf, and R32, rather than studying the transient behavior of the refrigerant concentration in the space.
The minibar is fitted with cyclopentane insulation and climate-friendly refrigerant R600a, making it up to 60% more efficient in terms of energy savings compared to standard minibars.
Os ensaios realizados com R600a apresentam os menores valores para o coeficiente de atrito enquanto que os ensaios conduzidos ao ar induzem os maiores valores (234% maiores).
While the new AE2 will support traditional HFC refrigerants - R134a and R404A, it is also optimized for hydrocarbon refrigerants - R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene).
More recently there has been a switch to a refrigerant called R600a, which doesn't affect the ozone, nor is it a significant greenhouse gas.
Yang Mianmian and colleagues from the Hater Group in Qingdao, China, devoted a paper to the servicing of R600a (isobutane) refrigerators, which it has produced since 1995 for the Chinese market.
to use the R600A refrigerant, which has a lower global warming impact than commonly used refrigerants today.