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1. reciprocal.
2. reciprocity.
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ergative F feminine GEN genitive INDEF indefinite LOC locative MASC masculine NEG negation NOM nominative PAST past tense PL plural POSS possessive PRED predicate PRES present tense PROG progressive RECIP reciprocal REFL
Specifics of the BCHP Equipment for the Scenarios Studied Equipment Description Scenario Scenario Scenario 1 3 4 Large Large Large Hospitals School Hotel Newark, NYC, NY Chicago, NJ IL Number of 54 36 36 combinations Electric price RTP RTP RTP structure (a) Prime Mover Loop 2 Recips 1 Recip 1 Recip Rated electric 590 590 988 output, kW Rated net gas, 5.
Hence, if pipeline pressure vary widely, recips are preferred because they will provide better fuel efficiency.