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n.1.A row.
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Frappier was less fond of the cerebral REW FFWD than the videos which, in 1995, led the producer to add Villeneuve's name to a list of six young filmmakers who made up last year's anthology picture, Cosmos.
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization expanded to 25,000 s/f at 229 West 28th Street in Chelsea, not Sixth Avenue, as a headline noted in REW February 27.
Bruce Blakeman, a commissioner on the Port Authority's board of directors, told REW at last week's board meeting that the Port Authority is considering shrinking the dimensions of the station's glass pavilion and possibly also eliminating a mechanism that was to allow the structure's wing-like roof to retract and open the station to fresh air.
The REW Industry Support Strategy Implementation Plan will increase and help industry improvement for economic rise and moreover empower the REW black-claimed SMMEs to majorly take part in the national and regional defence economy a CSIR announcement said.
The site will allow REW to give its readers more information about what's going on in the market while continuing to provide the kind of in depth news coverage that has carved the paper an essential place on the desk of every real estate professional.
A source had tipped REW that the New York City Office of the Comptroller was considering a 250,000 s/f deal in the nearly 500,000 s/f office building, where it would relocate from its current home in the Municipal Building.
the Dutch banking giant, has signed a 15-year lease to occupy three and a half floors in 7 World Trade Center, a deal previously reported by REW.
Last year, president and CEO Bruce Mosler, told REW that a 50/50 split in revenue was key to the company's future.
As REW reported November 8, E*Trade Financial Corporation has signed a new lease for 106,573 s/f at Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, NJ