reduced instruction set computer

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Noun1.reduced instruction set computer - (computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a relatively small set of computer instructions that it can perform
computer architecture, architecture - (computer science) the structure and organization of a computer's hardware or system software; "the architecture of a computer's system software"
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
complex instruction set computer, complex instruction set computing, CISC - (computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a large number of instructions hard coded into the CPU chip
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TEPro-Fx28, the latest addition to TranSwitch's family of highly integrated multi-service VLSI solutions, features an on-board RISC processor to facilitate design of channelized T1/E1 access systems.
The video core includes a 16-bit RISC processor and dedicated hardware accelerators.
According to Roh, Samsung will begin sampling its first product employing the ARM RISC processor core in 1995.
The Blackfin processor provided the video processing capabilities we needed to deliver image sizes from 80 x 60 to 160 x 120 from the IRIS camera to consumer mobile devices, but it also provided the instruction set and RISC processor capabilities needed to secure data at all points of the delivery cycle.
ARM (LSE: ARM; Nasdaq: ARMHY), a provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor solutions, and Fujitsu Limited, a provider of Internet-based IT solutions, have announced that Fujitsu has licensed the ARM926EJ-S core and the ARM946E-S core for use in portable multimedia electronic products such as digital cameras, PDAs, next-generation mobile phones and Internet appliances.
today announced that Tom Whiteside, formerly the director of RISC Processor Development at IBM Corp.
The SafeXcel-5140 is a unique single-chip solution that integrates an industry-standard ARMv4(R)-compliant 32-bit RISC processor together with embedded security acceleration for best-in-class network protection, performance and cost advantage.
ARM (LSE: ARM; Nasdaq: ARMHY), a provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor solutions, and SANYO, has announced that SANYO has licensed the ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core for use in portable appliances such as digital cameras, PDAs and digital audio applications.
The RISC processor on the 8em host adapter card relieves the host CPU of managing printer tasks.
The reference platform is designed around Renesas' SH7720 32-bit RISC processor and QuickLogic's low-power programmable PCI bridge solution.
The Hurricane Platform includes the PMC-Sierra RM5231 MIPS RISC processor and the V3's V320USC Universal PCI System Controller.
The ODC offers inexpensive design kits that allow PC manufactures to replace their Intel-compatible CISC processors with 64-bit MIPS RISC processor technology, enabling them to offer computing power and functionality that far exceed tradition Intel-based PCs.