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or ritard.,

Music. ritardando.
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The goal of RIT is to develop the technologies that deliver on that promise.
He said that federal board of revenue (FBR) gave a target of Rs 5,593 million to RIT, however the regional office collected 10 per cent more tax money.
RIT, which has historically been employed to treat cancer, uses monoclonal antibodies-cloned cells that are recruited by the immune system to identify and neutralize antigens
Lord Rothschild, Chairman of RIT, said, "We are pleased to make this investment in Corsair, a firm that has a clear investment philosophy and approach to investing globally in the financial services industry.
RIT Dubai plays a prominent role in developing a valuable national task force in the UAE, especially in the engineering and technology space.
The Libyan people have won their freedom after 42 years of oppression," Abushagur said in a statement to students, faculty and staff at RIT Dubai.
Abushagur -- President of RIT Dubai accompanied the graduates who traveled to the US to attend the 125th graduation ceremony at RIT New York as part of a continuous exchange programme between the international campuses.
The attendees reviewed the progress of the RIT Dubai, located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, the region's leading integrated innovations hub for high-tech industries.
RIT Dubai is seeking partnerships with UAE and foreign companies that want locally-sourced talent.
When Kennedy arrived at RIT, she knew that, as a student with a disability, she was far from alone.
An evaluation from RIT is behind every certification evaluation in the approval process.
According to RIT Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS) director Nabil Nasr, while DMFCs offer great potential as more efficient portable power supply sources, there has yet to be "a full evaluation of the environmental and economic impacts of DMFCs, from manufacture to disposal.