First Nations

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First Nation

n. Canadian
An organized aboriginal group or community, especially any of the bands officially recognized by the Canadian government.

First Nations adj.
Usage Note: First Nation is widely used in Canada as a respectful alternative to Indian, much as Native American is in the United States. However, the two terms are not exact equivalents. First Nation is essentially a political term used as a substitute for band in referring to any of the numerous aboriginal groups formally recognized by the Canadian government under the Indian Act of 1876. Unlike Native American, it is not a comprehensive ethnic term for all indigenous peoples of the Americas or even of Canada. While it is sometimes used loosely in referring to Indian groups other than those identified in the 1876 Act, it specifically does not include non-Indian peoples such as the Inuit or the Métis. · First Nation has no form for an individual who is a member of a qualifying group. Officially, such a person is known as a status Indian or in some cases a treaty Indian.

First′ Na′tions
the indigenous peoples of Canada.
Also called First′ Peo′ples.
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Travelling on foot and, for the first time since the project began, in 26-foot-long rabaska canoes, 20 or so people with Anishinabeg, Atikamelcw, Metis and Canadian ancestry made their way through Algonquin territory, with Vollant speaking to Aboriginal youth at schools and other stops.
He took us around the beautiful bays and inlets of nearby Lac a la Perchaude in a rabaska canoe, gliding right up to a dam built by beavers.
lt;<Quand une eglise devient musee: le cas du MUSO--Musee de societe des Deux-Rives a Salaberry-de-Valleyfield >>, Rabaska : revue d'ethnologie de l'Amerique francaise 8 (2010) : 93-99.
In May 2008, for example, the company joined the proposed Rabaska LNG regasification project.
Gazprom warned Canada that Russia could easily find an alternative market for its liquified natural gas (LNG) if the Canadian authorities try to hinder a deal over the Rabaska LNG project.
In May 2008, Gas-Export head Alexander Medvedev said that 50% of the field's LNG exports would go towards the Rabaska LNG/regasification terminal in Canada.
In keeping with the favourable report from the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement on the project to construct and operate the Rabaska liquefied natural gas terminal, the bill aims to enable the realization of this project which is contingent on certain actions of the Government under certain Acts and the determination of municipal taxes payable to Ville de Levis.
Set out aboard a Rabaska canoe on a voyage of discovery along the waterways of La Mauricie National Park in Quebec.
Qatargas Queensland Gas Company Ltd Rabaska LNG Ras Laffan Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited (RGPPL) Regasificadora del Noroeste SA Repsol Rio Grande do Sul Rosneft Royal Dutch Shell RWE AG Sabine Pass LNG Saibu Gas Co.
In this regard, the planned Rabaska LNG terminal in the Ville Guay/Beaumont area, located at the limits of the cities of Levis and Beaumont, Quebec, may provide a solution.