Akiba ben Joseph

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A·ki·ba ben Jo·seph

 (ä-kē′bä bĕn jō′zəf, -səf, ə-kē′və) ad 50?-135.
Jewish religious leader whose scholarship, particularly a reinterpretation of the Halakah, profoundly influenced Judaism.

A•ki•ba ben Jo•seph

(ɑˈki bɑ bɛn ˈdʒoʊ zəf, -səf, əˈki və)
a.d. c50–c135, rabbi, scholar, and martyr.
Also called A•ki′ba.
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With a spotlight on Rabbi Akiva and his response, the Rebbe searches the Talmud for laws taught by Rabbi Akiva, his life's story and allusions to the composition of his very soul, to provide a comprehensive and insightful reasoning for Rabbi Akiva's optimism.
There is a famous discussion in the Mishna (Yadayim 3:5) where Rabbi Akiva has to defend the sacred status of the Song of Songs, proclaiming, "all the Writings are sacred but the Song of Songs is the holy of holies.
Spending far too much of his time in the company of Lorna, the Jungle Girl, rather than that of Little Dorrit or Rabbi Akiva, was it any wonder that he was no model citizen?
Trying to sort fact from legend, Hammer recounts the life and work of first-to-second-century rabbi Akiva ben Yosef, often called the founder of rabbinic Judaism.
Technically, it's a hope that the recipient will be granted the supposedly perfect human lifespan, achieved by Moses and, according to various post-biblical traditions, Rabbi Akiva and/or Rabbi Hillel.
Second, and relatedly, Botwinick's dual expertise in the history of Western philosophy and in Jewish religious thought allows him to compare Levinas's insights, in equal measure, to Plato and Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and Machiavelli, Rawls and Rashi, among many others.
In the second chapter of Tiferet Yisrael, the Maharal illustrates this mandate by relating a conversation in Midrash Tanhuma, Parashat Tazria, Chapter 5, between Rabbi Akiva and Turnus Rufus, the Roman governor of Judea.
The kosher certification for Indena's grape seed extracts required extensive site inspections by Rabbi Akiva Padwa, Director of Certification, reviewing the entire process from harvest, through preparation of the seeds to the extraction of the polyphenols.
When Rabbi Akiva was suffering most, he said the Shema .
In just a few weeks, he'd compiled a short volume that placed himself in the ranks of historical victims, from Rabbi Akiva to Lieutenant Dreyfus.
For example, the famous story of Rabbi Akiva who despite being poor prepared an engraving of Jerusalem as adornment for his wife, commensurate with her devotion to him (she had sold her hair to enable Rabbi Akiva to study Torah).