Akiba ben Joseph

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A·ki·ba ben Jo·seph

 (ä-kē′bä bĕn jō′zəf, -səf, ə-kē′və) ad 50?-135.
Jewish religious leader whose scholarship, particularly a reinterpretation of the Halakah, profoundly influenced Judaism.

A•ki•ba ben Jo•seph

(ɑˈki bɑ bɛn ˈdʒoʊ zəf, -səf, əˈki və)
a.d. c50–c135, rabbi, scholar, and martyr.
Also called A•ki′ba.
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Technically, it's a hope that the recipient will be granted the supposedly perfect human lifespan, achieved by Moses and, according to various post-biblical traditions, Rabbi Akiva and/or Rabbi Hillel.
Second, and relatedly, Botwinick's dual expertise in the history of Western philosophy and in Jewish religious thought allows him to compare Levinas's insights, in equal measure, to Plato and Maimonides, Rabbi Akiva and Machiavelli, Rawls and Rashi, among many others.
According to Tamid 7:4, attributed to Rabbi Judah in the name of Rabbi Akiva in a baraita cited in TB Rosh Ha-Shanah 31a, each psalm reflects a day in the week of Creation.
The kosher certification for Indena's grape seed extracts required extensive site inspections by Rabbi Akiva Padwa, Director of Certification, reviewing the entire process from harvest, through preparation of the seeds to the extraction of the polyphenols.
In just a few weeks, he'd compiled a short volume that placed himself in the ranks of historical victims, from Rabbi Akiva to Lieutenant Dreyfus.
The proof is that the descendents of all those who abandoned the Jewish faith centuries ago are not considered by anyone today as Jews, while on the other hand, some of the most famous Jews in history - King David, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir, to name a few - were converts or descendents of converts.
The ten rabbis named are Rabbi Simeon Ben Gamliel, who was beheaded; Rabbi Yishmael Ben Elisha, who was flayed; Rabbi Akiva, whose flesh was torn off with iron combs; Rabbi Hananiah Ben Teradyon, who was wrapped in a Torah scroll and burned alive; Rabbi Judah Ben Baba, who was pierced by lances; and Rabbis Huzpit, Yeshebab, Eliezer ben Shammua, Hananiah ben Hakinai, and Yehudah Ben Damah, whose deaths (mercifully, for the reader) were not described (Singer and Broyde 2002:1).
the path of Rabbi Akiva to find a dazzling Pardes whose blossoms and
Rabbi Akiva (killed by Romans 135 CE) was a late starter.
It is, in any case, fascinating that however he arrives at it, what Rabbi Akiva produces as an interpretation of the verse is a statement of the "two ways," a homiletical topos that was virtually ubiquitous in second-century Christian writings and seemingly especially in those circles of Jewish-Christians, the "Petrine" Christians, most closely associated with the Rabbis (Robert E.
She goes on to detail horrendous examples of human cruelty, such as the live flensing Rabbi Akiva suffered at the hands of the Romans in 135 C.
This is soon followed by the story of Rabbi Akiva who in 135 A.