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 (rŭ′bē) also Ra·bi·a (rə-bē′ə)
Either the third or the fourth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Arabic rabī', spring, fourth; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


The agricultural season in South Asia in which rain is scarce and only irrigated crops are grown, with crops sown in October and November and harvested from March to May.

[Hindi rabī and Urdu rabī', from Arabic rabī', fourth part, spring; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


(Agriculture) (in Pakistan, India, etc) a crop that is harvested at the end of winter. Compare kharif
[Urdu: spring crop, from Arabic rabī' spring]


(Biography) Isidor Isaac. 1898–1988, US physicist, born in Austria, who devised the atomic and molecular beam resonance method of observing atomic spectra. Nobel prize for physics 1944


(ˈrɑ bi)

Isidor Isaac, 1898–1988, U.S. physicist.


(ˈrʌb i)
1. Rabi I, the third month of the Islamic calendar.
2. Rabi II, the fourth month of the Islamic calendar.
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