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The agricultural season in South Asia in which rain is scarce and only irrigated crops are grown, with crops sown in October and November and harvested from March to May.

[Hindi rabī and Urdu rabī', from Arabic rabī', fourth part, spring; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


 (rŭ′bē) also Ra·bi·a (rə-bē′ə)
Either the third or the fourth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Arabic rabī', spring, fourth; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) either the third or the fourth month of the Muslim year, known as Rabia I and Rabia II respectively; the Muslim spring


(ˈrɑːbɪa) or


(Biography) full name Rabia al-Adawiyyah. c. 713–801 ad, Islamic saint, mystic, and religious leader; her teachings inspired the Sufi movement
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Their mother Rabia, 35, said the family, whoich has been living hand to mouth for a year now, can no longer sustain their children's school fees.
Rabia Medlock of Golcar forsook her auburn locks after raising PS573 for Macmillan Cancer Support, which is currently providing care to her husband Anthony who has cancer of the oesophagus.
The sources said that "the US vehicles started from Rabia and Sinjar towards the outskirts of Mosul from the western side," indicating that "the majority of residents of areas in western Mosul saw the movements in that area clearly.
Sakina Bibi, 67, Javid Iqbal, 42, Rabia Mobin, 27, and Tariq Mahmood Siddique, 47, are scheduled to enter pleas to the charges they face in November.
Summary: Rabia, a 40-year-old man with no hair and short stubble, locked himself in his store as demonstrators clashed with police Sunday night in Downtown Beirut.
Rabia a evoque ses debuts dans les annees cinquante avec Mahieddine Bachtarzi, Mustapha Kateb et Mohamed Boudia qui l'a encourage a terminer chaque piece theatrale avec un chant nationaliste.
Heartbroken and still reeling under the shock from the sudden death of her elder sister Najia Alavi, Rabia Alavi says that authorities should make it compulsory for managements to deploy a life guard at residential building pools at all times.
Peshmerga forces launched a new offensive south of Rabia to Mount Sinjar" at 8am, the Kurdistan Regional Security Council (KRSC) said in a statement.
Dans une atmosphere plus conviviale, on a opte volontiers pour la participation a cette manifestation artistique qui combine decouvertes, echanges et jouissance, tout en mettant des coups de projecteur sur les valeurs montantes de la scene artistique[beaucoup plus grand que], nous a confie Rabia Aroussi, directrice de la Galerie Alif-Ba.
LACAS team which consisted of three speakers; Rabia Bokhari, Salam Shah and Symrun Aslam have done their school proud by keeping up the tradition of their Seniors and done their country proud by bringing home this prestigious trophy to Pakistan.
Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters took control of the Rabia border crossing in a battle that began before dawn, an Iraqi Kurdish political source said.
But without more sophisticated weaponry, the Kurdish fighters, known as peshmerga, have had to rely on aging arms like the Soviet-era cannons, a centerpiece of the offensive Tuesday to retake Mahmoudiyah and the nearby strategic towns of Rabia and Zumar.