Rachel Carson

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Noun1.Rachel Carson - United States biologist remembered for her opposition to the use of pesticides that were hazardous to wildlife (1907-1964)
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Biologist and author Rachel Carson warned the world of the potentially dire environmental impact of chemical pesticides in her best-selling 1962 book, "Silent Spring.
All four of the books written by marine biologist Rachel Carson explained the magnificence of natural world, but in The Silent Spring, published in 1962, Carson planted the seeds of fear that mankind could destroy that world.
Address : 400 Market, 7th Floor, Rachel Carson State Office PO Box 8769
Special showing of "American Experience: Rachel Carson.
The documents are drawn from thinkers and policy makers like John Locke, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir, Rachel Carson, and Theodore Roosevelt; legal documents like the Endangered Species Act of 1973; court cases; and congressional testimony.
Joni Seager, like Rachel Carson, is on the side of the angels.
Musil; RACHEL CARSON AND HER SISTERS; Rutgers University Press (Nonfiction: Women's Studies) 26.
He has always stood by the claim that Rachel Carson was in collusion with the petro-chemical industry when she wrote Silent Spring.
Between dinner and dessert, Rachel Carson has to use the can.
THE TOPIC: Rachel Carson published her landmark book, Silent Spring, about the United States' indiscriminate use of DDT and other pesticides, in 1962, during the Cold War's openair testing of nuclear bombs and the nascent environmental movement.
When Rachel Carson was growing up in a five-room farmhouse in the small town of Springdale, Pennsylvania, the land was in ruin.
The 1962 environmentalist classic Silent Spring by Rachel Carson helped build the foundation of the green movement.