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 (rə-sēn′, rā-)
A city of southeast Wisconsin on Lake Michigan south of Milwaukee. It grew as a port and manufacturing center.


(French rasin)
(Biography) Jean Baptiste (ʒɑ̃ batist). 1639–99, French tragic poet and dramatist. His plays include Andromaque (1667), Bérénice (1670), and Phèdre (1677)


(rəˈsin, ræ- for 1; rəˈsin, reɪ- for 2 )

1. Jean Baptiste (ʒɑ̃) 1639–99, French playwright.
2. a city in SE Wisconsin. 82,510.
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Noun1.Racine - French advocate of JansenismRacine - French advocate of Jansenism; tragedian who based his works on Greek and Roman themes (1639-1699)
2.Racine - a city in southeastern Wisconsin on Lake Michigan to the south of Milwaukee
Badger State, WI, Wisconsin - a midwestern state in north central United States
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Their winter quarters are upon the Racine Amere, where they subsist upon roots and dried buffalo meat.
Lemon's, read little French literature later than Racine, and public prints had not cast their present magnificent illumination over the scandals of life.
One of them claimed to have done wonders with an iron hoop and a file in 1867; a second had a marvellous table with glass legs; a third swore that he had made a telephone in 1860, but did not know what it was until he saw Bell's patent; and a fourth told a vivid story of having heard a bullfrog croak via a telegraph wire which was strung into a certain cellar in Racine, in 1851.
For instance, one may look upon Racine as a broken-down, hobbledehoy, perfumed individual--one may even be unable to read him; and I too may think him the same, as well as, in some respects, a subject for ridicule.
Romeo and Juliet, 'Hamlet,' and indeed most of his plays, contain unnecessary scenes, interesting to the Elizabethans, which Sophocles as well as Racine would have pruned away.
First it was the young Vicomte de Cormontreuil, who has his bell tower three leagues distant from Reims; then Messire Henri de Triancourt, equerry to the King; then less than that, Chiart de Beaulion, sergeant-at-arms; then, still descending, Guery Aubergeon, carver to the King; then, Mace de Frépus, barber to monsieur the dauphin; then, Thévenin le Moine, King's cook; then, the men growing continually younger and less noble, she fell to Guillaume Racine, minstrel of the hurdy gurdy and to Thierry de Mer, lamplighter.
Despite losing a leg last year and later on refusing chemotherapy, Racine faced every single day with courage and confidence.
The transaction also includes a Racine subsidiary based in the English town of Thetford, Badger Meter said in its statement.
Sound Decisions, LLC, is a mobile electronics service that has been serving the Racine, Wisconsin, area for the past four decades.
In Chapter 1, Racine introduces some prominent issues of the field, and in Chapter 2 he discusses briefly how the field has formed and how it has been defined.