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Adj.1.far left - radical or extremely liberal
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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Radical leftist public intellectual Parenti offers a series of commentaries loosely connected by their concern with the role of culture--"the entire panorama of conventional beliefs and practices within any society"--in social and political life.
Lopez Obrador (popularly known as AMLO, an appellation he has adopted on his own website) is a radical leftist who many observers believe would lead Mexico into political alignment with Cuba's Fidel Castro, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Brazil's Lula da Silva, and other Marxists who have taken power throughout Latin America.
Named after the 1973 anniversary of a bloody student uprising during Greece's 1967-74 military rule, the radical leftist November 17 has killed 23 people since 1975, starting with the murder of Athens CIA chief Richard Welch.
With last month's surrender of top Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea, Ta Mok is the only member of the radical leftist movement's original core group who is still on the run.
Using posters, photographs, paintings and other media, ``Che Guevara: Icon, Myth, and Message'' examines some of those meanings and makes us consider how a radical leftist can become as familiar a trademark as the McDonald's logo.
On Saturday, two ministers said they saw no case for elections and an opinion poll showed Greeks have little appetite for a return to the polls just five months after Tsipras won power on a radical leftist agenda to end austerity.
Athens: European ministers raised the pressure on Greece to accept a last-minute debt deal on Tuesday as the radical leftist government in Athens remained defiant refusing "blackmail" from Brussels.
The Greek premier, whose conservative party is trailing in opinion polls behind the anti-austerity, radical leftist Syriza party, said a heating oil consumption tax would be cut by 30 per cent and a "solidarity tax" would also be reduced.
According to MRB, the conservative New Democracy party would once again win the vote if elections were held now but the main opposition party, the radical leftist SYRIZA group, has narrowed the gap to just 0.
In the 1970s, Battisti was a member of the radical leftist group Proletari Armati per il Comunismo (Armed Proletarians for Communism) -- or PAC -- who were perpetrators of politically charged crimes.
The American people ought to know if the Obama Justice Department is being run by radical leftist organizations such as the ACLU"
Moore, an unabashed radical leftist, poisons the political well and makes it easier for the internationalists in the Republican Party to dismiss all principled opposition to the Bush administration's destructive policies as "Bush-bashing" or "Democrat propaganda.