Radical stress

(Elocution) force of utterance falling on the initial part of a syllable or sound.

See also: Radical

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Paul Bert was probably the first to advance the idea that free radical stress accounts for aging.
Boguslaw Upinski Is it oxidative or free radical stress and why docs It matter.
The organisms' susceptibility to free radical stress and peroxidative damage is related to the balance between the free radical load and the adequacy of antioxidant defenses.
This increases NOX activity generating free radical stress and [H.
Specific topics include antioxidant properties of thiamine, sulfur-containing proteins under radical stress, the role of plant extracts and polyphenolic compounds in oxidative-stress related diseases, and fluorescence lifetime measurements of free radicals in living cells.
Some of the most common sources of free radical stress in the body come from smoking, chronic stress, and obesity.