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(Telecommunications) a message transmitted by radiotelegraphy. Also called: radiogram


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈtɛl əˌgræm)

a message transmitted by radiotelegraphy.
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In Reilly, the defendant challenged his conviction for offenses relating to shipping incinerator ash outside of the United States to dump it in the ocean and based this challenge on the trial court's admission into evidence of some thirty-five radiotelegrams that were transmitted from or received by a ship chartered by the company of which the defendant was vice president.
The ship's radio operator testified that he transmitted or transcribed each of the radiotelegrams sent from or received by the ship and that he recorded his initials on each; each copy offered into evidence contained these initials;
The ship's captain also testified that he sent or received each of these radiotelegrams, that the defendant was the only person that the captain knew in the location from which most of the telegrams sent to the ship were received, and that the captain took his directions from the defendant;
The captain produced the radiotelegrams from the ship despite instructions from his company to destroy such documents;
In addition to the facts that the bulk of the radiotelegrams were sent to or received from a location where the defendant was and were signed by names associated with companies for whom the defendant worked, three were sent to the defendant's telex number and one sent to the ship instructed the captain to call the defendant's home telephone number;
The ship's logs of outgoing radiotelegrams and phone calls confirmed that numerous radiotelegrams and phone calls were transmitted from the ship to the defendant's office and home;