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Noun1.Rahu - a Hindu demon who swallows the sun causing eclipses
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Rahu said that the invitation for the APC carries a note that like previous Census, the actual population of Sindh would also be showed as reduced in this forthcoming Census-2016, This note is simply a manifest of confession that the PPP had deliberately altered the results of the previous Census and it also leaves a question to be answered by the PPP as why it had failed to complete the Census in 2008.
Pre Bid Meeting Date: NA Bid Opening PlaceGrampanchayat Rahu Tal Daund Dist Pune
Rahu said that for making the elections neutral and transparent, the management of the elections and monitoring be handed over under the supervision of judiciary instead of the provincial bureaucracy.
Mirza while throwing his support behind PML-N candidate Rahu said that he would have supported any other anti-PPP candidate in the constituency even if it were not the PML-N candidate.
Ismail Rahu said that the PML-N would rid the metropolis of terrorism, extortion and lawlessness and would resolve the basic problems of the Karachhites.
Tenders Are Invited For Annual Maitenance To Sh-60 Dogargaon Pimpari Sandas Patethan Uralgaon Road Mdr-29 Km 18/400 To 26/800 Talegaon Dhamdhare Vithalwadi Patethan To Rahu Road Mdr38 Km 8/00 To 16/900 Tal.
BADIN -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said that Shaheed Fazal Rahu had sacrificed his life for the cause of democracy, elimination of poverty and raising voice for the rights of farmers and the PMLled government would take all steps to fulfill his mission.
Tenders Are Invited For Annual Maitnenance To Mirwadi Dahithane Rahu Walki Sangam Sh-68 Ranjangaon Sandas Nagargaon To Kurli Road Mdr-113Km 0/00 To 22/500 Tal.
of fish in hatcheries and nurseries, a large number of fish seeds are being released in rivers, lakes and other water reserves so that fish like Rahu, Mori, Thela, Sole, Singhari and national fish Mahasheer could be saved and the increasing demand of fish in foods could be met in the province.
In a joint statement, issued here on Saturday, the President PML (N) Sindh Ismail Rahu, Senior Vice President Shah Mohammad Shah, General Secretary Nihal Hashmi and central leader Kialdas Kohistani called upon
Tenders Are Invited For Mandr To Ktweir At Rahu Tal Daund Dist Pune
950 in Taluka Hospital Thana Bola Khan of Jamshoro district, 140 in Village Assam Rahu, 70 in Primary School Assam Rahu of Matiari district, 271 in Fatu Baladi Moro and 100 in Village Marriabad of Naushero Feroz district, 50 in Bismillah Medical Centre Dadu, 437 Irfan Mehdi Chowk Hala, 56 in Benazir Community Centre Karachi and areas of different districts of the province.