Rail joint

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(Railroad) a splice connecting the adjacent ends of rails, in distinction from a chair, which is merely a seat. The two devices are sometimes united. Among several hundred varieties, the fish joint is standard. See Fish joint, under Fish.

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The reconstruction of the rail joint and paving pav.
Less than one-third the cost of other rail scales, noted the company, RailBoss installs on existing ties and ballast, and rail joint bars connect RailBoss sections to existing rail.
The closing followed approvals received from the Chinese government for the acquisition of the small rail joint venture part owned by Lloyd's Register Group in China.
The Louis Berger Egis Rail Joint Venture has been commissioned by Qatar Railways Company to provide project management consultancy services for all elevated and at-grade sections of Doha Metro.
The enthusiasts ceremonially fixed a golden fishplate to the final rail joint to mark the volunteer effort.
AU), an exploration and mining company primarily searching for iron ore in Western Australia (WA) and exporting high-quality iron ore to world markets, has announced that its Oakajee Port & Rail joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation (MSBHY) has signed non-binding agreements with three potential foundation customers.
The company's share of profits from its Virgin Rail joint venture improved to pounds 15.
Stagecoach said its rail operations, which include South West Trains and the Virgin Rail joint venture, were more susceptible to changes in economic conditions and that it expected to see downward pressure on rail profits in the 2009/10 financial year.
The company, which runs South West Trains and the Virgin Rail joint venture, said it was reviewing costs at its UK rail business - with cuts most likely to be made in support services and administration.
8-mm) rail joint groups with coefficient of determination [r.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2011-Koppers Inc signs three-rear rail joint bars deal with CSX(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Scottish company which runs buses across the North East said UK rail, which includes the commuter service South West Trains, and its Virgin Rail joint venture were the main contributors to the expected out-performance in the year to April 30.