rain barrel

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Rain barrel

A barrel used to catch rainwater running off roofs. The main reason for saving rainwater was because it was soft and worked well for washing hair and clothes. See soft water.
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Noun1.Rain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwaterrain barrel - a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater
cistern - an artificial reservoir for storing liquids; especially an underground tank for storing rainwater
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He said the evacuees must have accidentally drank the water from the rainwater tank in the campus.
The army also demolished a 70-square-meter greenhouse, a water well and a rainwater tank.
My new favorite thing is my 10,000-gallon rainwater tank.
Its water is heated using a solar thermal system while the water used for cleaning will come from a rainwater tank.
There's one that lives under a rock near the 90 000-litre rainwater tank.
The system has only gutter, collecting pipe and rainwater tank with handed-valve to distribute water.
I was not allowed to wash in the house, I had to use the rainwater tank in the farmyard, also to bathe in the freezing pot house.
Buy a rainwater tank that can provide water for your toilets, washing machine and garden, and can halve the amount of mains water you currently use.
In Australia, Sydney Water is currently a rebate of up to pounds 333 to customers installing a rainwater tank in their homes.
Throw in too a rainwater tank to supply the washing machine and toilets and a reed-bed sewage system for organic waste disposal.
There's also a "dunny" (outhouse) and a new rainwater tank to collect runoff from the hop pickers' hut.
Rebates of up to $500 are available to households for either the purchase and installation of a new rainwater tank connected for internal re-use of the water for toilet and/or laundry, or the purchase and installation of a permanent greywater treatment system.