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tr.v. de·lin·e·at·ed, de·lin·e·at·ing, de·lin·e·ates
a. To draw or depict: "In black and white wash, he delineated the gnarled roots of a tree" (Sally Holmes Holtze).
b. To describe or characterize in words: "the specter of the bored and isolated housewife, which Friedan delineated so brilliantly" (Mary V. Dearborn).
a. To mark, form, or show the outline or border of: The police delineated the crime scene with yellow tape. A hedge delineates one plot of land from the other.
b. To establish the position of (a border): The treaty delineates the border between Spanish and American territory.
c. To show or contain a distinguishing characteristic of; distinguish: "The first game ... delineated the differences between the two teams" (Stuart Miller).

[Latin dēlīneāre, dēlīneāt- : dē-, de- + līnea, line, thread; see line1.]

de·lin′e·a′tion n.
de·lin′e·a′tive adj.
de·lin′e·a′tor n.


(Knitting & Sewing) a tailor's pattern, adjustable for different sizes
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With a product line that includes waterborne and solvent borne traffic paint, raised pavement markers, alkyd and hydrocarbon based thermoplastic, epoxy, modified urethane epoxy, poly-urea, preformed thermoplastic, high friction road surfacing, and methacrylates, Ennis offers the most comprehensive solutions to the safety industry.
Manual placement of raised pavement markers exposes personnel to hazards and requires extensive labor hours and fleet needs.
4-mile stretch of the highway from two to four lanes and install a 10-foot-wide median covered with raised pavement markers.
The adhesive pads will typically be used to glue retroreflective or non-reflective Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs) to the pavement surface.
Pavement markings in particular can be enhanced to provide better guidance, and they include wider and brighter edge and centerline markings and improvement of wet-night visibility through use of oversized glass beads in paint, raised pavement markers, profile thermoplastic markings, painted rumble strips, and painted curb islands.
In addition to raised pavement markers in the median, Caltrans crews should install ``rumble strips,'' O'Connell said.
The Contract Documents describe the Work, which includes, but is not limited to preparatory street cleaning, tree trimming, root pruning, asphalt concrete pavement and base repairs, pavement grinding, removal of existing traffic striping and markers, replacement of damaged concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk, construction of ADA-compliant access curb ramps, installation of paving fabric and leveling course, asphalt concrete overlays and pavement reconstruction, adjustment of existing utility covers to grade, installation of in-pavement traffic signal loop detectors, video traffic detection and appurtenant work, the installation of new thermoplastic pavement striping and markings and raised pavement markers, and all appurtenant work.
When WSDOT is replacing raised pavement markers (RPM) on a highway, they use a pickup truck that has been modified with a seat that is located behind the truck cab, just inches above the pavement.
Raised pavement markers - known as Botts' dots - will be installed to alert motorists who accidentally drift out of their lane, officials said.
This project consists of the installation of thermoplastic pavement markings, raised pavement markers and related work.