Raised table

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(Arch. & Sculp.) a raised or projecting member of a flat surface, large in proportion to the projection, and usually rectangular, - especially intended to receive an inscription or the like.

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He added another contra-flow was introduced to the A23 in Brighton, but when similar problems emerged a zebra crossing on a raised table was used to make crossing safer.
The restaurant is a decent size with an open kitchen and smaller tables surrounding a large central raised table with stools - perfect for bigger groups.
From the big, raised table farthest from the stage, I noticed the band winning over strangers.
Raised table keeps feet clean and dry, and multiple play areas allows for more than one child to play at same time.
When that happens, the item is put on display on a raised table, where the expert will talk the owner through the story and give the big valuation news everyone is waiting for.
Mac settled just inside the eastern border of New Mexico and raised table beef for the Santa Fe market where the market for fine horses didn't exist.
Book left the room to develop the x-ray film and left the patient on the raised table.
We opted to have a drink in the bar before going to our table, and sat at stools at a long raised table to spend a few minutes soaking up the ambience.
Major League Baseball mandates that a temporary interview room be constructed for its postseason events, a place where players can sit at a raised table and answer questions into a fixed microphone, all while strobe lights and television cameras from all over creation are trained upon them.
Stand the plant on a raised table so it's at a good working height and you can see it well from all angles.
Speaking for the Palestinians, eminent Arab and international advocates gave a three hour presentation to the 15 judges -garbed in formal black robes and seated behind a long raised table -of the legal and human arguments against the barrier.