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(Placename) a former group of princely states in NW India: now mostly part of Rajasthan


(ˌrɑdʒ pʊˈtɑ nə)

a region in NW India, largely coextensive with Rajasthan state.
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He had never passed the serai gate since his arrival two days ago, but had been ostentatious in sending telegrams to Bombay, where he banked some of his money; to Delhi, where a sub-partner of his own clan was selling horses to the agent of a Rajputana state; and to Umballa, where an Englishman was excitedly demanding the pedigree of a white stallion.
It is essential to recap that it was night of February 23, 1991, the personnel of the 4 Rajputana Rifles of Indian Army cordoned off the two villages Kunan and Poshpora in north Kashmir's Kupwara district under garb of house to house search and gangraped dozens of the women of these villages.
Scores of women including elderly and minors were sexually assaulted on February 23,1991 by 4, Rajputana Rifles and 68 Mountain Brigade, the JRL said.
Amir Khan was a fearless and fearsome man and terrorised the areas of Rajputana and Northern India at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The case revolves around a dispute over the inheritance of 5,600 kanals of land in Khairpur Tamiwali tehsil in Bahawalpur, a region that was regarded as part of the Rajputana States before the partition.
On 22 December 2000, LeT men sneaked into the Red Fort and opened indiscriminate fire on the guards of the 7th battalion of Rajputana Rifles, killing three persons, including a civilian.
Quotations are invited for Enlisted %B% Class Contractors Of Uwd Bhu For Construction Of Security Huts At Grta (Front And Back 02 Nos), Gtac (01 Nos), Limbdi Crossing (01 Nos), Rajputana Crossing (01 Nos), Near Dss-A Building (01 Nos), & Renovation (Painting) Of Existing Security Huts Of Near Ncc Building (01 Nos), Vivekanand Crossing (01 Nos), Gsmc Extension (01 Nos), Iit(Bhu),Varanasi.
The activists, led by Sindh PTI leader Haleem Adil Shaikh, gathered at Hyderabad-Jamshoro road neat Rajputana Hospital in afternoon.
With a selection of "Rajwada" dishes from the Rajputana region, the patrons will always have something on their plate that will excite their senses.
Jayasi's tale was retold countless times, by Bengali bards, Rajasthani folk-tellers, and even the English Colonel Tod, who included Padmavati's tale in his compilation Annals and Antiquities of Rajputana.
The police officer often has his moustaches waxed into a perpetual twirl curling upwards in the style the Rajputs made world famous in their native Rajputana, now Rajasthan, and took it with them across the Indo Gangetic plains.
Terrorists felt threatened and perhaps that was the reason he was abducted and killed,'' said Brig Adish Yadav, commandant, Rajputana Rifles.