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Noun1.Ralph Bunche - United States diplomat and United Nations official (1904-1971)
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In September, Kounalakis spoke at the Ralph Bunche Library as part of her outreach in her new work as a "virtual fellow" in the Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR).
His name was Ralph Bunche, in 1950 the first black person to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace.
Church in Selma on their way to Montgomery, King walks arm in arm with, from left to right, John Lewis, an unidentified nun, civil rights activist and minister Ralph Abernathy, academic and diplomat Ralph Bunche, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and rivil rights activist and minister Fred Shuttlesworth.
org), has planned a rally at Ralph Bunche Park, opposite the United Nations Headquarters in NY to condemn the rapid rise in executions in Iran and the wave of acid attacks on Iranian women and call for the protection of thousands of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, Iraq.
In 1944, Ralph Bunche became the first African-American officer at the State Department as he was appointed to a post in the Near East and African Section.
BORN JUDI Dench, actress, 1934, above KIRK Douglas, movie actor, 1916 JOHN Malkovich, actor, 1953 DIED EDITH Sitwell, English poet, 1964, above MARY Leakey, anthropologist, 1996 RALPH Bunche, US diplomat, 1971
Urquhart and his boss, American Ralph Bunche, gradually persuaded them of the virtue of restraint.
Someone once described Boko Haram as a cloud," said John Campbell, former Ambassador to Nigeria and current Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.
The Schomburg also contains the personal papers of Malcolm X, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche, singer Nat King Cole and playwright Lorraine Hansberry.
His book, Black Presidential Politics in America (SUNY Press, 1989) won the Ralph Bunche Prize given by the American Political Science Association and the Best Book award from the National Conference of Black Political Scientist (NCOBPS).
After Israel's Declaration of independence in May, 1948, followed four months later by the appointment of African American Ralph Bunche, previously secretary of the Palestine Peacekeeping Commission, to succeed assassinated Count Folke Bernadette, Du Bois concentrated his fire not on the Stern Gang but on the Truman Administration and "the apparent apostasy" of Bunche--"the grandson of slaves"--for not being pro-Zionist.
Complicating matters even more, according to Michael Busch, a research associate in New York City's Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, are the deadly floods set loose last month by Hurricane Ida as well as ongoing political instability in nearby Honduras and Guatemala, which leave the Salvadoran leader without much support should he attempt to renegotiate CAFTA-DR provisions such as Chapter 10.