Ralph Vaughan Williams

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Noun1.Ralph Vaughan Williams - English composer influenced by folk tunes and music of the Tudor period (1872-1958)
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Not one of the prefaces to these scores cites the most detailed consideration of these works to date (Michael Vaillancourt, "Coming of Age: The Earliest Orchestral Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams," in Vaughan Williams Studies, ed.
Nicolas Bell, Hugh Cobbe, and Robin Wells as representatives of the British Library (home of the Vaughan Williams collection), the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust and the Ralph Vaughan Williams society, respectively.
In all these respects, to borrow the title of Blunden's memoir of life in the trenches and its aftermath, the post-1918 world of Ralph Vaughan Williams would be one in which musical composition would never be free of undertones of war.
Ralph Vaughan Williams, a British composer and hymn writer, is featured in a new booklet composed by Ted Stewart.
THE Lark Ascending by British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams has been voted the nation's favourite piece of classical music for the third year running.
Sir Charles Stanford, thought Gurney possessed more potential than his other pupils (including Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Hoist, John Ireland and Herbert Howells).
The programme salutes the centenary of Ralph Vaughan Williams and the work of French Revolutionary composer Olivier Messiaen.
Yeats, among others, translated into music by the likes of Charles Villiers Stanford (a haunting, impressionistic take on Keats' ``La Belle Dame Sans Merci''), Frederick Delius (``Twilight Fancies'') and Ralph Vaughan Williams.
The musical reverie is by Ralph Vaughan Williams (Suite for Viola and Orchestra and Hymn-Tune Prelude, No.
The evening will also include performances of Flos Campi, composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams featuring Paul Coletti on viola, as well as Nanie by Johannes Brahms and How Lovely Are They Dwellings from Brahms' Requiem.
Songs by combatants Ralph Vaughan Williams, George Butterworth (killed by a sniper on the Somme) and Ivor Gurney will be among those performed.
The program includes works by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Todd Stalter, Benny Golson and Duke Ellington.