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a.1.(Bot.) Having a general affinity to ranunculaceous plants.
Ranal alliance
(Bot.) a name proposed by Lindley for a group of natural orders, including Ranunculaceæ, Magnoliaceæ, Papaveraceæ, and others related to them.
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Indeed, Turkish companies TRT, ITV Inter Medya, Global Agency, Ranal D, Calinos and ATV welcomed participantswith monumental stands.
Ranal (2006) and Ferreira (2004) proposed that the interference in the growth of a seedling is a response of metabolism.
QuEST Global, Eserv-Perot, Incat-Tata, Larsen & Troubro, Ranal Engineering, Infotech Enterprises, Geometic, Cybergroup, Eicher, Continental Design, Wipro, Boston Engineering, Patni, Axis, Rolta, Siri Technologies, HCL, Hoyt Engineering, Neilsoft, Mahindra Satyam
Expressoes matematicas, autores e interpretacoes dessas medidas de germinacao podem ser consultados em Ranal e Santana (2006).
Nepheropathy after use of Chinese herbs: rapidly progressive interstitial ranal fibrosis or renal vasculitis?
Findo o periodo de monitoramento, conforme descrito em Santana e Ranal (2000), determinou-se o percentual medio de germinacao (x %), com respectivas medidas de tendencia central (mediana = Md, moda = Mo, variancia = s2, desvio-padrao = s, amplitude = R, coeficiente de variacao = CV e erropadrao = sx); foram tambem calculados o tempo medio (t) e a velocidade media de germinacao (V) com respectivas variancias (s2 t; s2 v).