Random shot

a shot not directed or aimed toward any particular object, or a shot with the muzzle of the gun much elevated.

See also: Random

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It was a random shot, made without much expectation of effect, for the river was full half a mile in breadth.
He little thought of this when he made that random shot.
A certain doubt came up in my mind whether Sergeant Cuff's last random shot might not have hit the mark.
He had gradually released his hold on the bar of the gate, as though he had acquired the conviction that no random shot could knock him over now.
Jones said it's unclear whether the girl was targeted or if she was hit by a random shot.
The deceased was photographing the ceremony in the cemetery when he was hit by random shot in his chest.
The series also includes a random shot of the skyline over Bausher, a bolt of lighting piercing the electric blue sky, almost touching the city lights below.
It was a random shot but in my opinion well-suited to the theme.
Users who are feeling lucky can also shake their phone to populate a random shot.
Stood down in favour of Random Shot, when tested positive for bute.
It's a random shot in the dark with no public vetting," he said, adding that because the article requires approval by the Legislature and the governor, there would be "no going back.
It could have been a random shot, but it should never have happened," he said.