Range of cable

(Naut.) a certain length of slack cable ranged along the deck preparatory to letting go the anchor.

See also: Range

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CKTOOLS reports it has launched a pioneering range of next generation cable rods, which, featuring advanced technology, are set to enhance its already extensive range of cable routing tools and says the C.
added: "Not only is the Value Rack compatible with Siemon's full range of cable
Ducab is connecting the Office of the Future with a wide range of cable products, including LPCB approved FlamBICC Fire Performance cables, TUFF DuFlex heat resistant flexible cables, and the Ducab Connect range of cable accessories that complement the latest technology showcased by the building.
Middle East Specialised Cables (MESC), exhibiting at the GIF directly for the first time, will showcase their range of cable solutions, designed and manufactured to international standards.
The Air Stream is adjustable to suit a wide range of cable diameters 2.
Vivax-Metrotech has unveiled its new vLoc2 range of cable and pipe locators.
The range of cable management products will be developed for the refurbishment and new build sectors, and will enable both organisations to address the issue of energy used, and wasted, in offices and schools.
In addition to BHS, Nexans provides a complete range of cable solutions to meet strict safety, security and performance standards required by modern airports.
Accessories include a variety of top covers, standard and seismic bases, telescoping and fixed shelving, slide rails, depth members, panel slide mounts, joining kits, casters, leveling feet, combined casters and leveling feet, lifting eyes, and a range of cable management options.
Summary: New contract with Libya General post and telecommunications Company (GPTC) to involve the provision of a wide range of cable types into the network of the national carrier
The Model HPCC-3000 provides all aerospace requirements including secure frequency operation, complete cable-matching capabilities, full calibration management, full database functions, extensive test reporting, and wide test range of cable assemblies with multiple connector configurations.
We're designing and manufacturing a wide range of cable management systems at our facility on Anglesey,' said managing director Ian MacGregor.