Range of cable

(Naut.) a certain length of slack cable ranged along the deck preparatory to letting go the anchor.

See also: Range

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The Air Stream is adjustable to suit a wide range of cable diameters 2.
cable routing space and clearance to manage a range of cable sizes, including
Vivax-Metrotech has unveiled its new vLoc2 range of cable and pipe locators.
The range of cable management products will be developed for the refurbishment and new build sectors, and will enable both organisations to address the issue of energy used, and wasted, in offices and schools.
In addition to BHS, Nexans provides a complete range of cable solutions to meet strict safety, security and performance standards required by modern airports.
Summary: New contract with Libya General post and telecommunications Company (GPTC) to involve the provision of a wide range of cable types into the network of the national carrier
ATHE Holding Company, who specialise in storage and all things to keep homes organised, have come up with a simple range of cable clamps.
We're designing and manufacturing a wide range of cable management systems at our facility on Anglesey,' said managing director Ian MacGregor.
Terayon's cable modem systems, based on Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access technology, provide reliable two-way performance over the broadest range of cable systems.
First, Terayon's system delivers robust and reliable data services across a range of cable plant systems, and secondly, it provides the Quality of Service capability needed to support both residential and business-class data services.
stated, "The addition of Terayon's systems to our product portfolio means that UNT can now deliver cable operators a highly reliable cable modem system that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively over the broad range of cable systems in Taiwan.