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 (räng′kə), Leopold von 1795-1886.
German historian who pioneered the modern methods of rigorously analyzing firsthand documentation. His works include The History of the Popes (1834-1836).


(ˈrɑŋ kə)

Leopold von, 1795–1886, German historian.
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O flours, That never will in other Climate grow, My early visitation, and my last At Eev'n, which I bred up with tender hand From the first op'ning bud, and gave ye Names, Who now shall reare ye to the Sun, or ranke Your Tribes, and water from th' ambrosial Fount?
PUNJAB Congress president Partap Singh Bajwa while strongly condemning the lathicharge on dalit students in Nawanshahar on March 26, who were protesting against non- disbursement of scholarships, has demanded the removal of social welfare minister Gulzar Singh Ranke with immediate effect.
Carlyle finds it in emergent heroes, Ranke in discovering "what really happened," Walter Scott in rendering the past into fiction.
Graves entered the war as a young captain in the Royal Welch Fusiliers with something to prove: his middle name, von Ranke, didn't do him any favors at a time when Germans weren't highly thought of in Britain, and he was roundly disliked by his fellow soldiers, some of whom thought him a spy.
The record takes to new lengths the idea that the historian's task, as Leopold von Ranke put it in the 19th century, is to show "what actually happened.
This is a high-minded goal that the medievalist Marc Bloch and the father of 19th-century historical research methods, Leopold von Ranke, tried scrupulously to achieve.
Opposite stances were taken by a faction led by German folklorist Kurt Ranke (Gottingen), and the previous leadership of CIAP, spearheaded by Swedish ethnologist Sigurd Erixon (Stockholm).
ranch He thoro forwa my k conta gene innA Pr wh " At Electronic Arts, Professor Mitchell was previously a highest ranke lead programmer on the Harry Potter franchise and contributed to Steven Spielberg's BAFTA awardwinning puzzle game BOOM BLOX.
Indeed, as Beiser points out, some prominent members (Humboldt, Ranke, Dilthey, and Weber) of the tradition "were highly critical of the philosophy of history, fearing that any association with its metaphysics would contaminate or undermine the scientific status of history itself" (8).
After introducing the state of both visual culture and historicism at the time, she covers Leopold von Ranke and the panorama, Jacob Burckhardt and photography, illustrating history books, and historical cartography.
Roger von Ranke Graves (1895-1985): A Brief Biography; 7.
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