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Jeannette Rankin
photographed in 1916


 (răng′kĭn), Jeannette 1880-1973.
American reformer and politician. A leader in the women's suffrage movement in Montana, her home state, she later was the first woman US representative (1917-1919 and 1941-1943) and the only legislator to oppose US involvement in World War I and World War II.


(Biography) Ian. born 1960, Scottish novelist; best known for his series of novels featuring Edinburgh detective Inspector Rebus, beginning with Knots and Crosses (1987)


(ˈræŋ kɪn)

Jeannette, 1880–1973, U.S. women's-rights leader and pacifist: first woman elected to Congress; served 1917–19, 1941–43.
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Noun1.Rankin - leader in the women's suffrage movement in MontanaRankin - leader in the women's suffrage movement in Montana; the first woman to serve in the United States House of Representatives (1880-1973)
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Hampshire were bowled out for 319, having prospered in the first session, rattled by Rankin in the second and then fought back in the third, led by a punchy 74 off 91 balls from Adam Wheater.
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