node of Ranvier

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node of Ran·vier

 (rän′vyā, rän-vyā′, räN-)
n. pl. nodes of Ranvier
A constriction in the myelin sheath, occurring at varying intervals along the length of a nerve fiber.

[After Louis Antoine Ranvier (1835-1922), French histologist.]

node of Ranvier

(Anatomy) any of the gaps that occur at regular intervals along the length of the sheath of a myelinated nerve fibre, at which the axon is exposed
[C19: named after Louis-Antoine Ranvier (1835–1922), French histologist]

node′ of Ran•vier′

(rɑnˈvyeɪ, ˈrɑn vyeɪ)

a gap occurring at regular intervals between segments of myelin sheath along a nerve axon.
[after Louis-Antoine Ranvier (1835–1922), French histologist]
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