Ranz des vaches

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Ranz´ des` vaches´

    (räNs´ dã` våsh´)
1.The name for numerous simple, but very irregular, melodies of the Swiss mountaineers, blown on a long tube called the Alpine horn, and sometimes sung.
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The finale signals the end of the storm with a luminous ranz des vaches.
This warmly atmospheric piece tells the shepherds' tale, beginning with a cor anglais ranz des vaches, and incorporates various sources along the way (including Joubert's own irresistible Torches) along its well-paced narration.
Another sound, the plaintive Ranz des Vaches or Kureihen herders' cow call, has over 500 years been elevated into virtually an alternative Swiss national anthem, sometimes derided as "the Cattleman's Marseillaise", but guaranteed to produce patriotic tears at any Helvetian folk gathering like the recent Festival of the Winegrowers (as well as having been appropriated in various forms by many classical music composers).