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or ra·jah  (rä′jə, -zhə)
A prince, chief, or ruler in India or the East Indies.

[Hindi rājā, from Sanskrit, king; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]
Word History: Raja is familiar to us from the Sanskrit rājā, "king," and mahārājā, "great king." The Sanskrit root raj-, "to rule," comes from the Indo-European root *reg-, "to move in a straight line, direct, rule." The same root appears in Italic (Latin) and Celtic. Rēx means "king" in Latin, coming from *reg-s, whence our regal and, through French, royal. Two of the Gaulish kings familiar to us from Caesar, Dumnorix and Vercingetorix, incorporate the Celtic word rīx, "king," in their names. (Rīx also forms part of the name of that fictitious Gaul Asterix.) Germanic at some time borrowed the Celtic word rīx. It appears as reiks, "ruler," in Gothic, as well as in older Germanic names ending in -ric, such as Alaric and Theodoric, the latter of whom has a name that is equivalent to German Dietrich, "people's king." A derivative of Celtic rīx, *rīg-yo-, meaning "rule, domain," was also borrowed into Germanic, and is the source of German Reich, "rule, empire."
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Noun1.raja - a prince or king in Indiaraja - a prince or king in India    
aristocrat, blue blood, patrician - a member of the aristocracy
2.Raja - type genus of the family Rajidae
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Rajidae, Rajidae - bottom-dwelling tropical rays: skates
gray skate, grey skate, Raja batis - common European skate used as food
little skate, Raja erinacea - most plentiful skate in North American inshore waters in summer; to 21 inches
Raja radiata, thorny skate - cold-water bottom fish with spines on the back; to 40 inches
barndoor skate, Raja laevis - one of the largest skates (to 5 feet); an active skate easy to hook
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