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n.1.See Rapparee.
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47 (450m): Knockfinisk Jane, Raparee Pony, Pukka Flight, Sponge Bob Lee (M), Tsarina Lena (M), Bua Hexham (W).
But it yesterday emerged the two "flying catamaran" vessels at the heart of the planned link, the Scandinavian-built Raparee and the Shanklin, have been placed on sale on commercial maritime websites.
34 (450m): Raparee Wok, Glenside Star, Elwick Droopy, Drumena Roller (M), Distant Paris (M), Nonchalant (W).
Legend says that the festival re-enacts the story of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, who was forced to flee from Ireland in 1607 and was shipwrecked in the village's local bay, known as Raparee Cove.
Bold Raparee, a stablemate of Stage Affair, and the Frances Crowley-trained three-time winner Golden Rule complete the six-runner line-up.
14 (450m): Ballymac The Man, Bua Ann, Raparee Pony, She's All Style (M), Lady Mc-Caffrey (M), Melody's Choice (M).
Reserves: Amadeus Rock (m), Autumn Heart, Ballycannon Maid, Beachland Vieri, Brave Defender, Brave Rebel (m), Chip Chop Woman, Crystal Dawn (m), Dundrum Ruby, Fleeced Gina (m), George Bungle (m), Gwydion's Passion, Kizzy's Hawk (m), Linton Blueboy (m), Raparee On Air, Sheeawnie Black (m), Swanson Baby (m).
43 (450m): Richie's Delight, Joker Two, Raparee Pony, Connolly Night (M), Offshore Kestrel (M), Le Thrashing (M).
30 (450m): Raparee Wok, Zigzag Sapphire, Derry Delight, Brave Rebel (M), Stone Mole Elvis (M), Highview Drama (W).
47 (450m): Lispole Hawk, Blue Scout, Classical King, Cry Of Freedom (M), Raparee Bound (M), Mill Lewis (M).
Weld and Kinane continued in flying form at Navan yesterday, recording a short-priced double withi Bold Raparee and Archive Footage.
40 (450m): Super Fox, Frankie Freezil, Take It Back (m), Nervous Beth (m), Raparee Bound (m), Whos Class (w).