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Rappist, Rappite

a follower of George Rapp, an early 19th-century German Pietistic preacher, whose experiments in a religion-based cooperative system involved the founding of Economy, Pennsylvania, and Harmonie, Indiana. Also called Harmonist, Harmonite.
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From these roots in folk culture and history, she began her work on a series of sixty ballads called Angel in the Forest, which was to be a poetic history of the early nineteenth-century Rappite and Owenite utopian communities in New Harmony, Indiana.
Life magazine, which had done a feature on the Rappite community in New Harmony, Indiana, in the fall of 1945 based on Young's publication of Angel in the Forest, again in the fall of 1946 included mention of Young's budding literary career in a photo feature of her and Truman Capote together at Yaddo.
Such a community, he believed, had to be removed from the pervasive corruption of the old order and so a township and estate of 20,000 acres was purchased in the American state of Indiana from a German Pietist sect, the Rappites.
Gabriel blew the trumpet for the Rappites to awaken.