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n.1.A raptor.
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The five-day exercise, Vigilant Ace, involves 12,000 US personnel and an unspecified number of South Korean service members flying more than 230 aircraft including F-22 Rapter stealth fighters and other cutting-edge weapons at US and South Korean military bases.
Tenders are invited for Rapter Hinged Cl Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp Make: Safelift/Liftboy/Camlift/Utkal Enginneers/Mahadev/Ferreterro/Mahima As Per Capacity: 2000 Kg, Jaw Opening: 0Mm To 25 Mm, Approx.
An item about Saturday's International Vulture Awareness Day at the Cascades Rapter Center in the Outdoors Section on Tuesday incorrectly stated that turkey vultures are found only in Oregon.