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A thin soup of southern India, typically made with tomatoes, tamarind, and various spices including turmeric, coriander, cumin, and red chilies, often served with steamed rice.

[From Tamil rasam, juice, flavor, rasam (Sanskrit rasaḥ, plant sap, fruit juice, essence; akin to Latin rōs, Lithuanian rasa, and Old Church Slavonic rosa, dew + Tamil -am, neuter singular noun ending), and probably also partly from Malayalam rasam (Sanskrit rasaḥ + Malayalam -am, neuter singular noun ending).]
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In certain parts of our country people expects you to take boiled rice three times during the same meal: first with Sambar a preparation of mixed vegetables spiced with asafoetida, second with Rasam a preparation with a mixture of various spices and condiments and third with curd.
And quaint and charming it is - from the wonderfully warm people all around to the thick creamy tea served in white porcelain cups to the spicy rasam (a south Indian curry) served for lunch to the old-world towels hanging in the restroom
aACAo Mysore Rasam - The perfect appetiser, it is made of unique blend of spices which predominantly consist of pepper and grated coconut
El Rasam is another talented documentary photographer who engaged in these discussions.
Onasadhya, the grand feast, marking Kerala's most celebrated festival, saw 4,500 people enjoy variety of traditional dishes including parippu, sambar, kaalan, avial, thoran, olan, pachadi, kichadi, koottukari, mango pickle, lime pickle, as well as papadam, plantain chips, sharkara upperi, banana, rasam and buttermilk.
Once the mustard seeds have begun to pop, add garlic, fresh curry leaves, and spicy Rasam powder.
They were identified as Tahir alias Kalo son of Rafiq, Mulla Bux son of Allah Bux, Shahid Khan son of Sanoobar Khan, Mohammad Irfan son of Rehmatullah, Mohammad Imran son of Jan Mohammad, Amir son of Rahim Bux, Mohammad Shafiq son of Mohammad Rafiq, Hassan son of Toor Rasam Khan, Fazal Ehsan son of Fazal Rabi, Mohammad Ali, Faqir Mohammad Afghani, Mohammad Noman son of Mohammad Saffdar, Ubaid son of Zahid Baig, Nadir son of Altaf and Ajaz son of Khan Mohammad.
The meal comprises of tamarind dip, mango pickle, jackfruit curry, banana flower -- torah preparation, avial ( vegetables and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves), beetroot pachadi ( think South Indian version of raita ), rasam, olan ( a subtle preparation of white gourd, ash- gourd or black- eyed peas, coconut milk and ginger seasoned with coconut oil), buttermilk and red rice.
The Indonesian pilgrim, who went by the assumed Filipino name Murphy Rasam Sahiril, was identified as Samsuddin, 68.
His office, meanwhile, serves Paper Boat ethnic drinks such as 'chilled rasam, anar juice and aam panna'.
Puli Rasam, a very wellbalanced version of the tamarindbased soup that's "good for cleaning the stomach," they say, was followed by a very good beef curry called Vadakara Beef Roast, with a gravy rich in ginger, garlic and coriander and surprisingly tender beef.
With liberal helpings of rice, sambhar, rasam, vegetable curry, pappad, yoghurt, and a sweet to complete the meal, south Indian thalis are known for its spices.