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also rash guard  (răsh′gärd′)
A tight-fitting, lightweight, stretchable shirt worn especially for water sports to protect the upper body from abrasion, as from rubbing against a surfboard, or sunburn.
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Apart from their beach T-Shirts, they also offer a range of attractive beach gear online including the Tervis Tumbler, Beach Sand Spike Cup Holder, SiliPint Cup, Claret Insulated Wine Glass, beach body brush, big brim sunhat, printed beach towels, waterproof case, pet collar, tote bag, rash guard, blanket, full shield sun hat, dog leash, water bottle, travel mug, cruiser bike and lots more.
Rash guard is just the perfect swimsuit for matrons; it hides everything except face and neck and hands and feet, just about what we can still show in public.
Babes who burn Cor body board all day) rule the beach in a suddenly trendy rash guard.
Parents love SwimZip's signature full-length zipper on its rash guard swim shirts, which makes them incredibly easy to put on and take off.
I had a pure-white rash guard on but there was very little blood on it, an indication of how much blood she lost," said Grisaffi, a teacher from Laguna Beach, California.
Friedman and his colleagues "are important because simple interventions, such as lip protector, sunscreen, largebrim hats, rash guard swim shirts, and avoiding times of the day when the sun is most intense, are likely to decrease the harmful effects of the sun for everyone, regardless of whether they are receiving a photosensitizing agent," he wrote.
Starting at $244 per room night, the Surf Package includes, for two people, a deluxe guest room with lanai (balcony); a two-hour surf lesson by professional surfers, with surfboard, leash, rash guard and booties provided; and a two-day surfboard rental.
Yet, as much as we'd hope the Body Guard rash guard would fully protect us from any and all frigid anxiety, there's really never a wrong time to take the first Boogie Board ride of the summer.
for example, offers Rash Guard wipes, which are designed to soothe the irritated skin of babies.
Another chain drug retailer says she has high hopes for the new and improved Pampers Rash Guard diapers from Procter & Gamble Co.
One factor believed to be involved in the decline in private label percentages is the new skin care-conscious entries by national brands, such as "Pampers Rash Guard.
The Rash Guard Company would like to show its support for the American Red Cross by raising funds to help people affected by natural disasters.