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Noun1.Rasmus Christian Rask - Danish philologist whose work on Old Norse pioneered in the field of comparative linguistics (1787-1832)
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Rulloff did not follow Sir William Jones, Rasmus Rask, or the Brothers Grimm, however: he ignored the comparative method they developed, as well as its crowning achievement, the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European.
In what was to become known as Grimm's law, he demonstrated the principle of the regularity of correspondence among consonants in genetically related languages, a principle previously observed by the Dane Rasmus Rask.
One of the curious and most important features of the book is the interpolation between his notes on pages 155 and 157 of Merula's edition of four lengthy lists of Dutch, Anglo-Saxon, Gotho-Nordic, and Celtic monosyllabic words with discussion of their etymology, especially their links with Greek; what is particularly interesting is that Junius -- a century and a half before Rasmus Rask and Jacob Grimm -- already clearly discerns some of the features of the First (or Germanic) Consonant Shift.