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Knud Rasmussen


 (răs′mə-sən, räs′mo͝os-ən), Knud Johan Victor 1879-1933.
Greenland-born Danish ethnologist and Arctic explorer who conducted extensive research on Eskimo and Inuit culture and heritage.


(Danish ˈrasmusən)
(Biography) Knud Johan Victor (knuð joˈhan ˈviktɔr). 1879–1933, Danish arctic explorer and ethnologist. He led several expeditions through the Arctic in support of his theory that the North American Indians were originally migrants from Asia


(ˈræs mʊ sən)

1. Knud Johan Victor (knuð) 1879–1933, Danish arctic explorer.
2. Poul Nyrup, born 1943, prime minister of Denmark since 1993.
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Noun1.Rasmussen - Danish ethnologist and Arctic explorerRasmussen - Danish ethnologist and Arctic explorer; led expeditions into the Arctic to find support for his theory that Eskimos and North American Indians originally migrated from Asia (1879-1933)
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