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Noun1.Rattus - common house rats; upper incisors have a beveled edge
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Muridae, Muridae - originally Old World rats now distributed worldwide; distinguished from the Cricetidae by typically lacking cheek pouches
brown rat, Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus - common domestic rat; serious pest worldwide
black rat, Rattus rattus, roof rat - common household pest originally from Asia that has spread worldwide
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Rattus norvegicus ydi'r enw gwyddonol arni a brown rat yn Saesneg.
We also obtained 56 Rattus norvegicus rat brain and lung tissue samples from the City of New Orleans Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board.
I have seen an increase in rattus norvegicus, know as the Norway rat or brown rat.
musculus was introduced to Santa Cruz Island in the late 1940s (Kastdalen 1982), and is one of three introduced rodent species (in addition to Rattus rattus and R.
population distribution and zoonotic potential of gastrointestinal helminths of wild rats Rattus rattus and R.
The album was Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers and I'd quite simply heard nothing like it before.
They have gone on to notch up some 23 top 40 UK singles and 17 top UK albums over 40 years, from Rattus Norvegicus and No More Heroes to the more recent Norfolk Coast, Suite XIV and Giants.
Male adult white rats Rattus norvegicus strain Wistar, 8-12 weeks of age, with 100-120 grams body weight were used in the study.
Like Phytophthora cinnamomi, Rattus rattus is a generalist that can thrive on any number of diets and get cozy in an incredibly wide range of human-impacted environments, from urban to rural, as well as in the wild.
I only started to like music when the punk era arrived and the Stranglers album, Rattus Norvegicus, was my first purchase back in 1977.
The Stranglers released their debut album Rattus Norvegicus in 1977 and firmly established themselves as the world's first progressive punk outlaws.