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 (rou′shən-bûrg′), Robert 1925-2008.
American artist noted for his collages, photomontages, and paintings that incorporate photographs and found objects.


(Biography) Robert. 1925–2008, US artist; one of the foremost exponents of pop art


(ˈraʊ ʃənˌbɜrg)

Robert, born 1925, U.S. artist.
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The artists who shaped the pop art movement include Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein.
There, many of the world's most renowned artists, including Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Indian, Keith Haring, and Leroy Neiman, launched their careers.
This is where European emigres like Josef and Anni Albers (both of them former teachers at the famed Bauhaus in Germany) rubbed shoulders with emerging artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Motherwell, and Cy Twombly; where music instructor John Cage created his first "happening" and tested his inchoate aesthetics.
Exhibiting at Artexpo New York, an event that has hosted some of the world's most famous artists including Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Indian, Keith Haring and Leroy Neiman, marks a significant milestone in Surekha's artistic career.
Casting the materiality of art in the leading role as he captures this flurry of activity, Hubbard adeptly rifles through a catalogue of modernist references that extends to the flatbed effects, scatter strategies, and displays of entropy found in the work of artists as diverse as Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Smithson, and Barry Le Va.
Among the artists are Peter Hurd, Jamie Wyeth, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert McCall and Norman Rockwell.