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A river, about 725 km (450 mi) long, of northwest India and northeast Pakistan. Rising in the Himalaya Mountains, it is one of the five rivers of the Punjab.
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One of the young men of fashion - he who was found dead at the bottom of a well on the night of the earthquake had once given him a complete suit of Hindu kit, the costume of a lowcaste street boy, and Kim stored it in a secret place under some baulks in Nila Ram's timber-yard, beyond the Punjab High Court, where the fragrant deodar logs lie seasoning after they have driven down the Ravi.
An APHC spokesman said the responsibility of Syed Ali Gilani's safety lies with the authorities, and an take action must be taken against persons like Ravi Pujari, reported.
Ravi Shankar said if the court rules in favour of the Mandir [Hindu temple] then there will be heartburn.
6 ( ANI ): Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Syria remark over Ram temple issue on Monday was slammed by the leaders from different political parties, calling it "provocative".
Buckley added that his character deeper commitment to Fillmore-Graves in the new season kind of prevents Major and Ravi to have more time together.
According to the Bond Scam report, Ravi Karunanayake was only answerable to the allegation that the Aloysius Family and their Walt and Rowe Company had paid the rent for the penthouse apartment occupied by him and it is evidently clear that his role in the Bond Scam was not that of any alarming nature.
Talking to the newsmen here, the DC said that the Punjab government was spending Rs5 billion on this mega project, under which the Nllah Dek would be widened from Noorpur Siphon to the banks of Rive Ravi.
Teams of Ravi Town, Irrigation, Police and district administration participated in encroachment removal operation on Thursday.
For Dharmasena, Erasmus, Kettleborough, Llong, Oxenford and Tucker, it will be the second experience, whereas it will be the maiden ICC Champions Trophy for Gaffaney, Illingworth, Ravi and Reiffel.
Perhaps it was some kind of meditation but he managed to transform his pain into one of the best concerts I have Considering ' Maya' to be an ode to his teacher, Ravi Shankar, the percussionist has also roped in other students of the sitarist on the album.
Ravi is very intelligent but new to the dynamics of the classroom.
Through the use of experts of these services, Ravi Kant Shastri has been made solutions flawless and safe problems in almost all areas of life, essentially including the vital areas of love, romance, marriage, love and relationships between people in love.