Raw pig

cast iron as it comes from the smelting furnace.

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Consumption of raw pig products is associated with trichinellosis and Streptococcus suis meningitis in humans in Vietnam (6-8).
Participants articulated strong confidence in the safety o f raw pig products when the source of the pig was known to the consumer and the pig appeared healthy.
Furthermore, trade in raw pig products is too widespread and decentralized, and the food chain from pig producers to pork consumers is too complex to enable regulation or enforcement of trade bans.
Locally acquired hepatitis E in the Netherlands: associated with the consumption of raw pig meat?
chemical fertilizer (CF), aerobically (30 days old) processed pig slurry (PS), raw pig slurry (RS), and control (C) without any nutrient supplement.
The application of processed and raw pig slurry as fertilizer proved clear effect on pH, Fe, Cu, Zn, and available P and K in pot soil.
Is the difference between eating semen-spattered dog food in a porn movie and eating raw pig rectums on Fear Factor really so pronounced that the former deserves a jail sentence while the latter becomes a prime-time major network staple?
Although UK raw pig tongue supplies are lower as a result of the substnailly lower UK pig herd, supplies across Europe appear to be generally available.
Although risk for foodborne transmission from pork is now recognized, we report here direct HEV transmission through ingestion of raw pig liver sausages (figatellu [plural: figatelli]) in southeastern France.
Inputs of frozen raw pig tongue blades were affected by the low pig kills throughout the summer, but imports from Europe made up the shortfall.
Autochthonous hepatitis E in France and consumption of raw pig meat.
Raw pig tongue blades are reported to be "in short supply and expensive" following unprecedented demand from users in Europe and Japan.