(rē`ăk`sĕs´ or rė`ăk´sĕs)
n.1.A second access or approach; a return.
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I'm really going to have to reaccess what I say at half time.
Flash conforms to the ostium to enable excellent stent apposition, which is important for coverage of the disease and for preserving reaccess to the treated vessel.
It is a question of working hard, putting our mind to it, making sure that we focus on the same objective which is that the country in particular, Greece, can operate on a sustainable basis, can recover, can get back on its feet, can reaccess markets as early as possible.
This occurs as the postwar activities of large numbers of people become focused on reaccess to properties and land very quickly.
Thus, together they reaccess the reincarnation process one more time, hoping to be reborn as a heterosexual couple but also recognizing the possibility of coming back in a third pairing--as both women.
The panelists will look at why spirituality seems to dissipate with the onset of some mental illnesses, how a person can reaccess spirituality while in recovery, and various barriers and bridges to living a fulfilling spiritual life.
As Weinstein puts it, "In surrendering Kantian universality, we need not surrender generosity toward the insights that the orientations of race and gender--raised by formal energy into resource and not just limitation--may bring to the verbal worlds we encounter in fiction and (through that encounter) to the nonverbal world we reaccess in our lives" (p.
Our plans have also included recommendations to improve the overall operating efficiency of the sewer system which will allow the system to reaccess the capital markets to refinance the remainder of the sewer warrants and reduce debt service costs.