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 (rēd), George 1733-1798.
American Revolutionary leader, politician, and jurist. Delaware's delegate to the Constitutional Convention (1787), he championed the rights of small states and later served as a US senator (1789-1793).
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If someone takes the trouble to read George Soross strategic plans on promoting the immigration processes required for Europe, the parallels between the UN package and George Soross plan become absolutely clear.
On Tuesday this week, I had the privilege to read George Sadera's story.
Some 50 people, Ros included, read George Orwell's 1984 from cover to cover at the Senate House at University College London.
Arthur Heeler-Frood Arthur read George Orwell's tramp epic Down and Out in Paris and London and wanted a bit of adventure.
IN 1960, aged 12, I read George Orwell's classic novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.
I READ George Tyndale's attack on David Bowie fans for expressing their grief and condolences on the news of his unexpected death.
IT was with interest that I read George Hepburn's comment that 'much of the embellishment of the Christmas story does not stand up to scrutiny'.
WHEN I read George Monbiot's powerful book Feral last year I was inspired and provoked in about equal measure.
IT is interesting to read George Dunning's letter "Mayor should be non-political" (Feedback, 29.
And in this issue, you'll read George Waldon's latest look at some of the also improbable claims surrounding the insolvent business of John Rogers, the North Little Rock sports memorabilia and photo dealer facing lender lawsuits and a $14.
If he read George Orwell's 1984, he would have seen the only thing the main character did wrong was to be an individual in the face of Big Brother's oppression.
The name on the card read George Mametz Sheppard, who was my mother's brother.