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 (rēd), George 1733-1798.
American Revolutionary leader, politician, and jurist. Delaware's delegate to the Constitutional Convention (1787), he championed the rights of small states and later served as a US senator (1789-1793).
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I was stunned to read George Osborne wants to cut police numbers (Mirror, Nov 4) when they are struggling to cope as it is.
I'M not in the habit of writing to newspapers but was so incensed to read George Tyndale's article about religion I felt it my responsibility as a Christian to respond to the article denigrating a belief in God.
And in this issue, you'll read George Waldon's latest look at some of the also improbable claims surrounding the insolvent business of John Rogers, the North Little Rock sports memorabilia and photo dealer facing lender lawsuits and a $14.
I recently read George Friedman's book, The Next 100 Years (Anchor, 2010), in which he presents a rather dim view of humanity as territorial and power-grubbing societies that squabble over earth's acreage.
The name on the card read George Mametz Sheppard, who was my mother's brother.
I READ George Georgiou's letter (Sunday Mail, May 4) with some disbelief.
pounds 100 Letter IT was fascinating to read George Bingham's revelations about his father's disappearance.
My tongue was in my cheek when I read George Scheck's letter in which his father's Springfield was replaced by a Lee-Enfield, "an act for which my father never forgave the Army.
There are more than 150 pages of summary of Byzantine military writing; it is a good synopsis, but adds little if one has read George T.
Working in as a New York employment lawyer who, virtually every day, counsels executives and professionals in negotiating their seemingly well-thought-out entrances into companies, and both planned and (all too frequently) unplanned departures from companies, I found it refreshing to read George Bradt's insightful analysis.
I have, however, read George Orwell's 1984 (the most lied about), and enjoyed it, and ploughed my way through Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary (16%) for a degree course.