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The study, completed for ticket seller SeatSmart, found that the average reading level was third grade - roughly eight years old in the US educational system - and that it has gone down over the decade.
Scope: Provide a new library book collection that integrates E-content using the following criteria: Approx 7,000 all fiction titles: 7,000 all nonfiction titles: Nonfiction average copyright date/collection age of 2010 or newer: Average copyright date/collection age of 2010 or newer: Collection must include "classics," as well as Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal award winning titles, and e-Content books that alight to the Texas Standards: Collection must be well balanced to support Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness STAAR) objectives: Average nonfiction reading level 5.
The score the student earns is tracked to monitor the progress of the student and assists in determining the reading level of the student.
Students begin the programme by taking the 20-minute Scholastic Reading Pro Test, a computer-adaptive assessment, to determine their reading level in Lexiles.
The reading level is the most advanced of the three books reviewed here: this is not for the beginner, and some previous reading in religious pluralism would be helpful.
A 3 (NSA Reading Level) x 3 (Child's Age) x 2 (Academic Performance) MANOVA followed by ANOV As indicated that psychologists mildly to moderately favored written NSA's regardless of reading level.
To the rehabilitation counselor working with deaf consumers, this low-average reading level cautions against any assumptions about deaf people's literacy.
The Family APGAR requires a reading level of a 10-year-old but a simplified version may be used with individuals with lower reading levels.
Recently, the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List--Revised was modified to include only those items designated as at or below the sixth-grade reading level (MAACL-R6).
Each weeknight for two hours, Caroline had to meet with them and tutor them - not in any special courses to keep them eligible but to raise their sixth-grade reading level.