Reading man

one who reads much; hence, in the English universities, a close, industrious student.

See also: Reading

References in classic literature ?
here's something for you," called out the reading man next moment.
But the former Reading man said: "I'd love to get 15 this season and hopefully I can get a couple in the Cup final.
The on-loan Reading man has now scored four since arriving at Home Park, spread across three competitions.
75m for the former Reading man was agreed earlier in the week and, despite reported interest from Leicester, Lita has successfully negotiated personal terms with the Liberty Stadium club.
Osman blocked as Mills met Harte's cross with a header towards goal but the Everton midfielder could only poke back to the Reading man as he attempted to clear.
RUTLAND - A 22-year-old Reading man whose Facebook page says he is "destined for greatness" was arraigned yesterday on 11 charges for allegedly peddling of steroids to college students from his Rutland apartment.
The former Reading man is enjoying his new licence to roam and plans to keep having a pot at goal when the opportunity arises.
The focal work in the recent exhibition was the eponymous Reading Man (all works 2009), a triptych of large-scale vertical canvases that depict a male hunter navigating a barren landscape and looking toward a distant and colorful paradise.
Royals manager Brendan Rodgers revealed yesterday that the 28-year-old travelled up to Molineux on Wednesday to discuss becoming the latest Reading man to make the switch to Wolves.
I was reading MAN, and The Bull Of The Woods caught my eye.
Reading man Long completed the rout with a double after the break.
Sprott's trainer Jim Evans said the Reading man, 32, broke down in training on three separate occasions last week.