Reagan administration

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Noun1.Reagan administration - the executive under President Reagan
executive - persons who administer the law
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But the Reagan administration and others apparently disagree and think the accuracy should be improved.
government arms-for-hostages deals with Iran, Reagan administration officials panicked.
The Reagan administration appears determined to keep Soviet-bloc and Chinese researchers away from U.
Culvahouse, a White House counsel in the Reagan administration.
Detlefsen's concise and provocative study makes a strong case that, for all its sound and fury, the Reagan administration barely altered affirmative action as it is practiced in corporations, universities, or even in the federal government.
Last December, the Reagan administration withdrew support from IPPF -- a group then receiving $17 million from the United States for its work in 118 countries -- because of the group's pro-abortion stance.
While Wilson shines as an analyst of the policies and strategy of the Reagan administration, his interpretation of the decisions made in the Kremlin--at least prior to Gorbachev's ascent--rests on tenuous evidence and on a speculative literature, which opens the door to considerable ambiguity.
It contains 22 articles addressing such diverse topics as the role of black neoconservatives during President Reagan's administration, the public's evaluation of Reagan's televised addresses, changes in the presidency during the Gilded Age, the impact of words in presidential leadership, Theodore Roosevelt and the American Historical Association, the Nixon administration's approach to crime control, vice presidential selection in the modern era, how the White House builds staff loyalty, presidential tax initiatives and public opinion since the Reagan administration, assessing successful and unsuccessful 20th century presidential transitions, the role of political spouses in the 2004 Democratic primary, and the medical afflictions of John F.
Brandt was an assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services under the Reagan administration and was known for overseeing and coordinating the national response to the first cases of AIDS in the early 1980s.
About 25,000 of the gifts received during the Reagan administration were perishable and were sent to charitable organizations or otherwise thrown out.
In 1984, Olson was assistant attorney general, and Olson did not believe the Reagan Administration should endorse rightwing legislation that would have prohibited judges from ordering busing to desegregate schools, according to an article in The Washington Post.