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A usually expansionist national policy having as its sole principle advancement of the national interest.

[German : real, practical (from Late Latin reālis, real; see real1) + Politik, politics (from French politique, political, policy; see politic).]

re·al′po′li·tik′er n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a ruthlessly realistic and opportunist approach to statesmanship, rather than a moralistic one, esp as exemplified by Bismarck
[C19: German: politics of realism]


(reɪˈɑlˌpoʊ lɪˌtik, ri-)

(often cap.) political realism or practical politics, esp. policy based on power rather than ideals.
[1910–15; < German, =real real1 + Politik politics, policy; see politic]


realism in politics, especially policies or actions based on considerations of power rather than ideals.
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1. A German word meaning politics of realism, used to mean a cynical policy of pursuing a state’s own interests.
2. An approach to politics that is not idealistic but ruthlessly opportunistic, especially in advancing the interests of a country.
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Noun1.realpolitik - politics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
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But there are serious realpolitick concerns even if Congress and the executive do not intend to openly defy judicial rulings.
Israel is examined for its every moral failing to justify policies of disengagement, while the moral failings of Arab countries are considered no one's business but their own, so that their blatant abuses of human rights should not get in the way of realpolitick.
Both capitals sorely need to make a concerted effort at realpolitick," she wrote.
Summary: For all the accusations of a lack of regional expertise Hillary Clinton may be ripe to attract, no one can charge her with failing to grasp Middle Eastern realpolitick.
First, it has the feel of realpolitick insofar as it addresses the ideologies of actual political actors (think here, as Sunstein and Thaler suggest, of Democrats and Republicans).
Speaking at a press conference, Wednesday in Rabat on the sidelines of the Euromed summit of economic and social councils and similar institutions, Dethomas said "it is realpolitick (.
Reading their exchanges here you may wonder about Einstein's--and Freud's--grasp of realpolitick.
His first choice therefore, is that he choose Realpolitick and Hugo do the same (4).