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n.1.The act of reattaining.
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The symbolic reattainment of the pre-recession GDP peak has been brought forward by nine months --from the second quarter of 2014 to the middle of 2013 (figure 1).
40) The New Inn ultimately disparages undeserving strivers while celebrating the elevation in title--or, in Lord Frampul and Laetitia's cases, the reattainment of title--for those who have proved themselves worthy of it.
An improvement in muscle mass and muscle composition is important not only for improving strength and function for potential reattainment of ambulation but also for other significant health benefits associated with an increase in muscle mass, specifically glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes risk (see previous section).
3], the initial reattainment of pre-decline ROE, is the beginning of the re-establishment phase.
The familiar stories of the dispersal of languages at the Tower of Babel and the miraculous reattainment of linguistic unanimity at Pentecost drew language difference, divine (dis)approval, regular religious usage, and national identity together in a cultural conundrum that conditioned any new attempt at translation.
Discussion: This case illustrates the use of the Rapid Ramping protocol to modify the Epoetin alfa dose based on individual patient characteristics in order to ensure timely reattainment of Hb levels following hospitalization.
This indicates that stem rehydration, as a consequence of the reduction in leaf area in the semi- and fully deciduous species, resulted in the near reattainment, by the late dry season, of water potentials similar to those of the mid-late wet season.
Generally, seven models of self-determination are recognized: the establishment of an independent state; association with an independent state; integration into an independent state; autonomy; the (re)unification of divided nations and states; the establishment of a social arrangement; and the declaration or reattainment of a homeland.
Thus, the eleven percent annual rate of recovery from 1936 to reattainment of full employment is never attributed to policies stemming from his framework.
In many lands, Collier said, there was "a yearning and striving toward salvation through reattainment of the ancient-modern community" which made people ready to hear "the message of the Southwestern tribes.