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v. t.1.To breathe again.
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Other studies show that infants facing soft porous bedding rebreathe exhaled air in the enclosed space, which can lead to hypoxemia and hypercarbia (Patel, Harris, & Thach, 2001).
Encouraging the patient to rebreathe their own exhaled air to increase the amount of inhaled carbon dioxide.
They treat this emergent patient with only a paper bag to rebreathe carbon dioxide, totally ignoring the implications of the other clinical symptoms.
A FOCUS on taking slower breaths and rebreathe the air into a paper bag or even your cupped hands over your mouth.
They accurately interpreted her ABG values as respiratory alkalosis, but managed this life-threatening problem as hyperventilation with only a brown paper bag to rebreathe carbon dioxide.
To correct the problem the client is asked to breathe into a bag and rebreathe the exhaled [CO.
For example, many babies experience a lack of oxygen and excessive carbon dioxide levels when they have respiratory infections that hamper breathing, or they rebreathe exhaled air trapped in underlying bedding when they sleep on their stomachs.